One hundred billion light years away from the Earth and every thing in the universe of infinite space, is the galaxy of Zxvarnak (Xonik, Zonic, Zxvnak)    It is primarily made up of four major planets each having hundreds of natursl satalite moons radiating the necessary energy to maintain spiritual existence.   There arent any kinds of material existences,  only vapors, an gasius mist, each providing the existence of thought, mind, emotion, energy with the power to form each into material form as a changling, creating itself into any form, and creating visions of every form of environment, in the vast realm of mental invention. Each planet has its own kind of spirit, individual energy, free will and existence without leadership or conformity.  Each planet, in its existence, is self sustained with no contact, communication or knowledgevof of any other. The environment of each determines the energy existant of each.  Color identifies each. Megar (Blue), Arak (Red), Finor (Green), Ilani


 In 1956 James Henry Luksus, fresh out of the US Navy after four years active duty mstriculates first at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, painting and drawing, and then at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art majoring in Archectural Interior Design.  The program in ID .included city planning, urban renewal, structural engineering, and textile weaving and silk sceen printing of fabric. Miriam Kellogg Fredenthal held a teaching position in textile design technology from the Philsdelphia Textile Institute.  Earlier she attended Cranbrook Academy of Art having won a sculpture scholarship at the Boston Museum School to study under Carl Millis, however, Millis left for Sweden on a family crisis and the mother of Erro Saarinin. Teaching wearing ther and took Miriam in to study weaving rather than be idle.  Erro, her son, was also a student as was David Fredenthal, from a Russian Jewish family. Mirism was the grand dauoughter of a very anglo Christian family that Founded Westen Semi

The White Raven King: James (Tzaims) Uskglass-Luksus.

Black or White Raven King?  White Raven King of course.  Uskglass meaning?  John Uskglass was the Black Raven King 600 years ago.


 Over the time from May 2017 to March 2020 under the name: PALUKIWA I created a Wkipedia article called LAYTONGKU. largely a geographic account covering a remote Animist village on the Burma/Thailand border in the Dawna Mountains.  You will find it as: LAYTONGKU Wikipedia. Additionally I was working on the DRAFT:TELAKU KAREN OF LAYTONGKU which I kept editing and expanding delaying publishing since I had previous experience with Wikipedia administrators severely editing my work and therefore I didn't want it altered or destroyed since my greater intent was to print it out and submit it to the SIAM SOCIETY for publication as they were expecting it. After 1 Febriary 2021 the internet in Yangon, where I am living, was interrupted and since I hadn't made any edits or additions over several months I lost access to the DRAFT.  Believing, as Wikipedia claimed, my Draft would automatically be deleted, erased including all my photos attached if no edit was made in 6'months, however,

HIstory of the Yusupov-Luksiev Family

 From:  "Striking With the Sword of Heaven."  DMITRI IVANOVITCH YUSUPOV-LUKSIEV a/k/a TZAIMS LUKSUS, FRSA PART I Chapter 1 The story begins in the land now known as Russia but the individuals concerned are Viking in the 9th century AD and principally with Luki (Loki) the youngest brother of Rurik (Ulrich) Grand Dukes of Novgorod and Kiev that created Russia having been given the name Russe by the native Scythian chieftains due to the colour of the hair of the Vikings, however, their hair was more light brown or blond and not red. Fighting amongst themselves, often over the ownership of land. goats, sheep or oxen, the chiefs often called upon the newly arrived, tall peaceful visitors, to be judge and jury and settle any matter.  As a result Ulrich and his Viking crew and brothers became leaders in the land and with Ulrick head of the group was called the Grand Duke Rurik. Significantly ignored, his younger brother Loki (pronounced Luki), decided to leave since his older brothe